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Cookie file usage guidelines


The correct functioning of some websites requires the storage of small data files, called cookies, on your device (PC or mobile). Cookie files can also be used to determine which websites and functions are most frequently used by visitors; this allows us to tailor our offer to your needs. Furthermore, cookie files help us identify which ads are most frequently seen by users, make sure that visitors don’t always see the same ads for goods, and that visitors aren’t bothered by ads they are not interested in.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files stored by websites on your PC or mobile device when you enter them. For a certain time, websites will save your preferences and the actions you carried out on them, such as login data, language, font size and other displaying preferences, so that you don’t need to always enter this data over and over or don’t need to continuously move from one site to another. Our websites also host third party cookies.

What type of cookies do we use?

Cookie files used on this website can be divided to short-term cookies (also called session cookies), which are temporary and only remain on your device until you close your browser, and long-term cookies, which remain stored on your device for a longer period of time, possibly until they are removed manually.

We use the following cookie files on our website:

Published / name of cookie Type and function Duration
Google Analytics
(third party cookie)
 _ga, _gat, _gat_ and various variants
Tracking, Conversion
Measures the number of visitors and other data using Google Analytics tools, allows anonymous identification of the website’s visitor and behavior analysis. Collects IP addresses, browser information, information about the OS and screen resolution.
0 to 24 months
DlaNiedowidzacych File responsible for color contrast settings session
Orlenpl_font_size File responsible for font's size on page session
__utma File responsible for statistical data session
__utmb File responsible for statistical data session
__utmc File responsible for statistical data session
__utmt File responsible for statistical data session
__utmz File responsible for statistical data session
TSxxxxxxxx, TSxxxxxxxx_d (where: x - alphanumeric characters, d - numbers 1 – 14) Files responsible for the correct transfer of data between servers which support queries session


How to manage the use of cookies

The use of cookies can be managed to suit your needs through your internet browser settings. You can delete all cookies which are currently placed on your computer; most browsers also allow you to prevent the storage of new cookies on your device. Specific information and procedures can be found on the following links:

Internet Explorer | Firefox | Chrome | Safari O S X   | Opera | Safari iOS  

However, if you decide to stop the storage of cookies on your computer, you will probably need to manually configure certain preferences each time you visit the website. It is also possible that certain functions or services will be limited or completely unavailable.

If you are visiting our website using a mobile device, cookie settings may be restricted or disabled in the web browser.

Additional information about cookies is available for instance at: (in English).


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