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About Us

Paramo is a producer of automotive and industrial oils including process, base oils, plastic lubricants, bitumen and asphalt products. In addition to that, the company purchases and processes oil hydrogenates and hydrocrackates produced by ORLEN Unipetrol RPA. The intermediate products obtained are used by the company in the production of base and lubricating oils with a very low sulphur content.


  • Paramo and its MOGUL brand are the strongest Czech oil brands with more than 125 years of tradition.
  • We are the biggest Czech producer of oils and greases.
  • We own two plants that produce all our product range, including the MOGUL motor oils, under the ISO quality control system.
  • Our products are the results of in-house research employing the best laboratories and experts.
  • We offer full-range support in the field of development and solutions for special applications.
  • We possess all human and technological resources needed for analysis and quality control.
  • Our sales and technology specialists can identify and successfully cater to your needs in our target area including identifying savings potential.
  • Our strong sales and technical service experts can find alternative solutions to any complex problem thanks to their many years of market expertise.
  • Having considered all options, we can professionally introduce and offer you our products that are suitable for your particular equipment and systems.
  • Our production batches are subject to multiple checks during production and output.
  • Thanks to a highly evolved distribution network, we can provide the logistics for any order quickly and seamlessly.
  • We offer the optimum combination of price and quality.
  • We serve many happy customers whose references we can present with pride.

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