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Offer in Poland
We kindly invite you to learn more about selected products and services offered by the ORLEN Group. Having selected the required option from the list below you will be transferred to the web site of the Group member that offers the specific product or service. In addition to the thorough description of the goods you require, you will also be given the contact details of our specialists who will assist you with all the necessary details. Please note that the information is available in national languages and also in English for selected products and services.

Select a product
Motor fuel (Płock Refinery)
Diesel (Płock)
Heating oil (Płock Refinery)
Heating oil (Jedlicze Refinery)
Heating oil (Trzebinia Refinery)
Base oils
Zemní plyn
Marine fuel
Aviation fuel
Engine oils
Gear oils
Agricultural oils
Hydraulic oils
Industrial oils
Brake fluids
Technical glycerin
Paraffin waxes
Car cosmetics
Road bitumen
Polymer modified road bitumens
Aromatic hydrocarbons
Energy products (nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur…)
PVC compounds & blends
PVC sheets
Nitrogen fertilizers
Soda lye
Caustic soda
Lodized salt
Pikling salt
Salt tablets
Salt briquettes
Industrial salt brine
Feed salt
Industrial brine
Scrap salt
Cable inlets
Blank plugs
Flow measuring elements
Fuel, LPG & Ad- Blue measuring units
Tank monitoring & measurement systems
Electricity & thermal energy
Select a service
Liquid fuels (ORLEN Paliwa)
Liquid fuels (ORLEN PetroTank)
LPG wholesale
Marine fuel deliveries (bunkering)
Road transportation of fuels & chemicals
Motor fuels storage & logistics
Railway transportation & shipment
Petrol stations service
Storage terminals service
Power Service - dedicated oil service
Construction of LPG stations
Construction of petrol stations
Rail tank cleaning
Harbour water area cleaning
Ship waste management
Wastes & oiled water collection
Light oils desulphurisation
Thermal waste treatment
Waste oils distillation
Waste oils collection
Waste disposal
Environment protection
Environment monitoring
Cars & trucks service
Compressor repairs
Turbine repairs
Pump repairs
Gear repairs
Granulator & centrifuge repairs
Meterials handling machines service
Maintenance of petrol station facilities
Supply & service of automatic & electric facilities
Ventilation & air-conditioning services
Supply & service of analytic instruments
Measurement & regulation instruments service
Industrial control systems- DCS/ESD
Technical safety instrumentation
Production of steel constructions
Fire fighting & rescue equipment service
HSE & fire fighting
Legalisation of fuels & LPG measuring instruments
Probe calibration
Tank strapping
ADR transport procedures control
Technical protection systems
Conveying & collecting
Physical security
Wire detection
Training & conference Office
Space to let
Investment grounds
Accountancy & bookkeeping services
Remuneration services
Inventory services
Facility Management
Catering services
Employment & staff leasing
Medical services

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