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Asphalt products

The production of asphalts and asphalt products at the PARAMA joint-stock company is inseparably linked to more than a hundred-year tradition and know-how. Thanks to that, we are able to offer products for practically all today’s applications, from road bonding agents to special hydro insulation products designated for the protection of buildings against water and humidity. Asphalt products by PARAMO, a.s. introduced on the market range from 3.5 kg packages to road tanker deliveries, depending on the usage type and purpose.

In case you’re interested in these products, please contact our sales department.



Sale of asphalt products

Ing. Petr Varečka
Sales manager
+420 466 810 119
+420 736 507 067
Ing. Aleš Kučera
Sales specialist
+420 466 810 317
+420 731 430 965


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