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Paramo Inc. prefers to eliminate or substantially limit sources of potential environmental risks it its production activities. Development Award for the fifth time. In regard to the environmental issues, Paramo applies the following policy:
  • To regard as a minimum standard the observance of environmental laws and regulations and continuous improvement of Paramo's impact on the environment within Paramo's business potential;
  • To select technologies in accordance with the best available technologies (BAT)  when introducing new production methods;
  • To create conditions to eliminate old environmental burdens;
  • To seek paths leading to continuous reduction of the consumption of energy, raw materials and waste production;
  • To continuously examine, evaluate and control Paramo's impact on the environment and to take the required technical and organizational measures leading to their minimisation;
  • To document Paramo's environmental impact and to communicate the information to its employees as well as the stakeholders;
  • To make its employees adopt the environment protection policy by providing systematic training and motivation

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