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Asphalt varnishes

There are several asphalt varnishes on the market these days. However, not every type is suitable for a particular application. For example, the asphalt penetration varnish is used for penetration of foundation slabs prior to applying asphalt insulations, however, its separate use is not particularly resistant against moisture penetration. It is, by far, much better to use an insulation asphalt varnish for the protection of underground parts of individual buildings, for the conservation and renovation of roofing materials and for the implementation of hydro insulation of terraces. This asphalt product adheres (when the given solvent evaporates) excellently to all generally available construction materials, such as concrete, bricks or metal. For treating asphalt roof strips and for their regeneration, it is recommended to use a combination of an asphalt penetration varnish and one of the suspensions.

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