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Export department of final lubricants gains new customers


The export market is important area for PARAMO, which  seeks to be developed further. The fact that the export department is successful has been confirmed to us by Ing. Rak, export manager of PARAMO final lubricants.
“Our company supplies final lubricants to about 30 export territories. The main market is mainly neighboring countries such as Slovakia and Germany, but we also supply oils to more distant and more exotic destinations. We strive to provide all our customers, which are mostly trading companies, maximum service and support for increasing sales, and we are also looking for new export opportunities. It is not a simple matter at all, but we are doing well. In the first half of 2019, several deliveries of oils to new customers took place in many destinations, including Portugal, Iraq, Bulgaria and Estonia. We believe that our cooperation will continue to be successful and develop.”

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