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Paramo will “lend” part of its equipment to the French


The company will contribute with their share to the world premier of the technological process to remove sulfur dioxide emissions.

Paramo, 20 December 2012 - Paramo will provide part of its currently unutilized equipment for hydrodesulfurization of middle distillates (HOSD) to French engineering company LGI in order to verify their own patent technology. The equipment will be lent based on a concluded contract on cooperation.

The verification will take place on liquid sulfur production equipment using the Claus process. The technological process consists of removing sulfur dioxide emissions from flow of offgases flowing from the industry when processing metals from primary material in industrial scale. This process will take place only after the verification of assumptions and key parameters in specialized sulfur laboratory in Canada," Jaroslov Pauz, chief engineer in Paramo, explains the intention of the world premier, where the company from Pardubice will play a significant role.
The technology verification process will start in January 2013 at the latest.​

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