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Paramo continues restoring storage tanks


The Pardubice-based refinery has decided to reconstruct its storage tanks, which will help limit industrial waste in the economic center of Kolín.

Pardubice, 19th March 2012 – The investment expenses for the project are 12 million CZK, However 39% of recognizable expenses will be paid from EU funds through the Cohesion fund within the Environmental Operational Programme (OPŽP).

Investments include the construction of an emergency leakage sump around 47 storage tanks at the oil mixing plant. These are currently not secured in any way, which does not comply with the best available technology for storing oil. The project simultaneously resolves the reconstruction and connection of tanks to the oil mixing plant system, which will allow a larger storage capacity. This will also allow the expansion of the current product range of the mixing plant department. The project also includes the adjustment of adjacent buildings so that they comply to fire safety requirements.

PARAMO, a.s., a member of the UNIPETROL/PKN ORLEN Group, processes crude oil for refinery and asphalt products, and also for lubricating and process oils, incl. subsequent and ancillary products. The refinery purchases and processes oil hydrogen and hydrocrack products. Intermediate products are used in the production of basic oils and lubricating oils which contain very low levels of sulphur. The company employs 600 people.

Jana Iovlevová
Public Relations Officer
PARAMO, a. s.
Mobile phone: 736 507 439

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