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New Member of Paramo Statutory Body


Jan Řihák was appointed as the new member of the Paramo Board of Directors

Pardubice, 13 December 2010 – The Paramo Supervisory Board approved a personnel change in the company's Board of Directors on 13 December.

Jan Řihák was elected as the new member of the Paramo Board of Directors. He replaces Jacek Kukier, who resigned from the position. Following this change, the Paramo Board of Directors continues to have three members. As well as newly appointed Jan Řihák, Milan Kuncíř and Jindřich Bartoníček remain in the functions of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Board.

Jan Řihák has gained experience at various companies, where he has also held top management positions and he has more than 25 years experience in the sale of oils and lubricants. He is currently the Executive Manager of ORLEN OIL ČESKO, s.r.o. Prior to joining the PKN Orlen Group, he worked for the companies, Slovnaft Česká Republika and Benzina.

PARAMO, a.s., a member of the UNIPETROL/PKN ORLEN group, processes crude oil into refinery and asphalt products and produces lubricating and process oils, including follow-up and auxiliary products,. The refinery also purchases and processes oil hydrogenates and hydrocrackates. The intermediate products are used by the refinery to produce base and lubricating oils with very low sulfur contents. The company employs 668 people.

Jana Iovlevová
PARAMO, a. s.
GSM: +420 736 507 439​

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