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Investments into restoration, ecology and safety


The company spent approximately 25 million CZK on investment projects last year.

Pardubice, 26 February 2013 – The replacement of the control system at the oil mixing plant in Koln cost 6.95 million CZK. Another 12 million CZK was also spent at the same plant, specifically on the restoration of the storage tanks to reduce the risk of industrial pollution. The project was co-financed by the European Union through the Environment Operational Programme. Paramo received a grant amounting to 39% of demonstrable costs.

The underground waters hydraulic protection system in the Pardubice economic center was also restored. The investment project included the disassembly of the original constructions, restoration and complete replacement of the technology of six treatment wells including piping and wiring. The fully restored hydraulic barrier (wells and drains) will prevent the spread of contamination through soil to the surroundings of the company site. The company also restored a storage tank for selective raffinate in Pardubice.

Paramo's investments also reduced its operating costs. By replacing the steam pump for an electric one with a frequency switcher on the solvent paraffin department, the company reduced the power consumption of its Koln operations.

Other significant investments last year also included the gasification of the incinerator in the asphalt plant at the Pardubice economic center. The replacement of heavy heating oil by natural gas has lead to the further reduction of the overall emissions in the region (specifically of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and solid pollutants). A fundamental reduction by over 90 % of the designated emission limits for sulfur dioxide and solid pollutants is then obtained by prioritizing the use of natural gas in the boiler plant.

PARAMO, a.s., is a producer of asphalt products, lubricating and process oils, incl. subsequent and ancillary products. History of the company started in 1889. Today, Paramo is part of Unipetrol, a leading Czech group doing business in the field of petroleum processing and petrochemical production, which in turn belongs to the family of the supranational group PKN Orlen. Paramo is a 100% owner of Mogul Slovakia, a limited liability company which is engaged in the purchase and sale of oils and lubricants. The company employs 600 people.

Jana Iovlevová
PARAMO, a. s.
Mobile phone: 736 507 439

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