MOGUL RACING TEAM invites fans to Rally Bohemia

12-07-2019 |

MOGUL RACING TEAM is carefully preparing for the next race and believes that they will avoid technical problems which have limited them in past races. ... more »

MOGUL RACING TEAM in breakfast TV show

02-07-2019 |

MOGUL RACING TEAM was the guest of the "Snídaně s Novou", a breakfast TV show. ... more »

Even winning Rallye Dakar is possible with Mogul motor oil

26-06-2019 |

On June 25th, the "RALLYE DAKAR - Hell on Earth" book was introduced. The book was also originated thanks to PARAMO company, which has been a long-term partner with the only Czech woman in Dakar in the quad-bike category. ... more »

MOGUL RACING TEAM held superb second place until the last speed test

18-06-2019 |

Excellent Performance of Mogul Racing Team at Rally Hustopeče was defeated by a technical problem of the gearbox in the last, 10th stage. So, Honza Cerny lost his 2nd place and beautiful result. Unfortunately, that's motorsport! ... more »



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