Jan Černý will start the upcoming season with a new car

20-03-2018 |

Having finished the previous season of CRC second and third, MOGUL Racing Team driver Jan Černý will start the new season 2018 in a new racing car, the top-of-the-line Ford Fiesta R5. With ... more »

A new inhabitant of Jesenčanský stream in the Paramo production site

09-03-2018 |

Employees of the Security Services Department caught a coypu, also known as nutria, in the creek that flows through Paramo's production ... more »

Prague Public Transit Company counts on MOGUL lubricants

16-02-2018 |

PARAMO, part of the Unipetrol Group, and Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy (Prague Public Transit Company) signed a contract on MOGUL lubricants. MOGUL-branded oil will be used in engines, transmissions and ... more »

MOGUL at the end of the Dakar Rally

23-01-2018 |

The contestants have passed the finish line of the Dakar 40th anniversary Rally. In the harsh conditions of the world's most demanding race in the world, Czech riders in Mogul colours have achieved ... more »



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