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About Us
Paramo specializes in the processing of petroleum into refinery and asphalt products and in the production lubricating and process oils, including any follow-up and auxiliary products. In addition to that, the company purchases and processes oil hydrogenates and hydrocrackates produced by Unipetrol RPA. The intermediate products obtained are used by the company in the production of base and lubricating oils with a very low sulphur content.

In the year 1994, the state-owned enterprise Paramo Pardubice transformed itself into a joint stock company. More than 70 percent of its shares were placed under the administration of the National Property Fund (Fond národního majetku). In the year 2000, this block of shares was purchased by Unipetrol, which owned 91.77 percent  of Paramo's registered capital as at 31 December 2008. From 4 March 2009 Unipetrol owns 100 percet of Paramo shares. From this date the ownership title to shares of the other shareholders of Paramo was transferred to Unipetrol in accordance with S Commercial Code.

Paramo is a 100% owner of Mogul Slovakia, a limited liability company which is engaged in the purchase and sale of oils and lubricants.​


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