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MOGUL RACING TEAM earns bronze on Rallye Bohemia


​The Czech Republic Rallye Championship just finished its last but one race this year on 46th Rallye Bohemia. The event has become a matter of three days, Friday´s audience show on Sosnová circuit was followed by two days of tough racing.
Especially Saturday then was a lottery with tires and it was the tires choice that shuffled with the positions in the end, although ironically after unexpected defect of almost all racing specials in the first twenty!
Fortunately, MOGUL RACING TEAM of Jan Černý and Petr Černohorský was not affected and temporarily achieved first position during first phase after 11th speed test. Then a bit unexpectedly MOGUL RACING TEAM crew kept starting with the first pass for the whole Sunday.
„Of course we were very happy on first position but we knew very well we have no chance to stay ahead of those two guys behind,“ Jan Černý mentions two racers of ŠKODA Motorsport with smile.
On Sunday then MOGUL RACING TEAM ended up on a fantastic bronze position of the overall rating!
Černý and Černohorský thus moved to the third position in continuous rating of this year´s Czech Republic Rallye Championship.
Much more valuable though is the good feeling about making it to the finish and even to the podium!
„We wished for this so much and it worked, it may have not seemed so but that Sunday was very complicated since the weather was changing too quickly even during the second phase of this year´s Rallye Bohemia. We wish to thank all our fans supporting us in great numbers and of course big thanks goes to our whole team, we wouldn´t be making it to that third place without them,“ summarizes Černý.
The team is now looking forward to some well earned rest after several challenging races. In a month though, everyone needs to focus on repeating a successful result on the last race of this year´s rallye season. Barum Czech Rallye Zlín is going to bring even tougher competition!



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