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Ambassadors of the MOGUL brand at full throthle in 2018 season


MOGUL brand ambassador MOGUL Olga "Ollie" Roučková who became famous as the first Czech woman to finish Dakar has had quite a promising start to the new racing season 2018 on her quad. She shined in two categories of the European Championship FIM Europe Baja, followed by the German GCC Goldbach Championship and now has the Baja Aragon World Cup.
This year's FIM Europe Baja took place in Ukraine in the second half of June in one of the national parks. After a strenuous three-day racing in the sandy terrain, Olga rejoiced finishing first in the women's category. She also succeeded among the men in the Q2 category taking third place.
Olga can also relish her first place in the women's category at the German Cross Country GCC Goldbach Championship. Regular victories plus the second place in the last race of the series confirm that she truly is in great shape.
The perfectly fine-tuned form is crucial for Olga in connection with the challenge which she is plunging in for the first time this year. Tomorrow she is starting in Spain in the Baja Aragon World Cup with some seven hundred kilometres are waiting for her. She will be also competing in women’s category and in the category Q2 she will encounter with men.
The Baja Aragon World Cup will also be attended by the highly successful driver and ambassador of MOGUL brand Martin Macík competing in the truck category. Martin and his crew will drive Liaz truck called “Franta” in which they have won a wonderful fifth place at this year's Dakar.
We wish both Olga and Martin great placement in the upcoming important race, yet especially the joy of racing and safe finish.
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