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Special industrial lubricants

Special industrial lubricants are procedural liquids that, due to their characteristics, meet the technological requirements related to machining, quenching, conservation, separation and deforming processes. Individual product lines always cover the given technological processes, including the most demanding ones. The group of cutting oils and machining liquids mixable with water is able to create an ideal cutting environment, ensuring minimization of the friction coefficient when splinters are created and discharge of an unimaginable volume of heat at the cut area. The group of quenching oils is able to achieve the required steel hardness even for materials that are very difficult to quench, while meeting strict demands on eliminating deformations of thermally processed parts. The produced conservation agents are able to ensure a perfect conservation of individual parts, machines, machine systems and production, storage and transportation technologies, including maritime technologies. The manufactured deforming products are mainly used in the construction industry for the production of concrete structures and prefabricates. The separation agents are used for the production and application of road asphalt surfaces.

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