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Technological oils

Technological oils have been designed for the production of rubber and rubber mixtures, primarily for the production of tires, or as an auxiliary agent used for the production of plastic materials, particularly as a secondary softener. PARAMO is a supplier of procedural oils to the most important tire manufacturers not only in Europe 

Base oils

Base oils have been designed for the production of a wide range of lubricants and lubrication oils. PARAMO production technology allows for the production of various types of base oils (API Group I-III) with a wide range of viscosity and with a high viscosity index (even exceeding 130). The new generation hydrocracked base oils sold under the MOGUL HC and MOGUL N trade names fully meet the criteria for the production of high-quality, final automotive as well as industrial oils.



Technological oils and Base oils sales

Ing. Jan Křivský
Sales manager
+420 466 810 188
+420 736 514 528
Ing. Jan Drvota
Sales specialist
+420 466 810 282
+420 736 507 435


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