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Paramo and Mogul have new logos, both share the oil drop symbol


​An oil drop. This symbol links the new logos of Paramo and its primary retail brand Mogul. It was a rather long road to the final logo design: the company addressed agencies and graphic school students, but none of their concepts were chosen. In the end, the designs created by professional graphic designer Martin Škroch succeeded. The modernised logos are more interconnected, have a more profound meaning and refer to the focus and positioning of both brands.
“I believe our new logos are unmistakeable. They identify in a clear and comprehensible way what they represent – Paramo as a premium Czech producer of technical fluids with extensive tradition, and Mogul as a symbol of Czech motor oils,” says Marek Gladysz, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Paramo.
In the Mogul logo, the most important feature is the fourfold symbolism associated with the letter “G.” As a whole, it resembles a racing helmet, which associates motorsports. Its upper part represents the filling neck of an engine, the number one indicates quality, and the drop symbolises the oil itself.
The oil drop is the connecting elements between the Mogul and Paramo logos. “We often use both logos together, so we had to find something that would unify and link them. At the same time, it had to refer to the key aspect of the company operations, which is the production of oils and other fluids. An oil drop is a highly comprehensible and evocative symbol,” explains Marek Gladysz. Both logos are now younger and more modern, and the graphic elements better characterise the production focus and positioning of the company.

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