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Paramo successfully managed the annual supervisory certification audit of three subsystems


The company demonstrated its ability to continuously improve its management system performance in compliance with its policies despite the fact that the company is currently going through a complex restructuring process, including shutdowns of some of its operations.

Pardubice, June 6th, 2013 – During the audit, the LRQA auditors focused on verifying functionality of the IMS system based on the interconnection of individual processes.

This year, the auditors in Paramo focused on the oil production operations in both company economic centers, i.e. in Pardubice and in Kolín. Furthermore, they also focused on fuel storage and shipments in Pardubice. The auditors were also interested in development and inspection activities, sales, marketing, emergency preparedness, purchasing, warehouses, transportation, technologies and contractual partners at both Paramo economic centers. "Similarly to previous years, the mandatory IMS elements were inspected as well. These included warranty claims and customer feedbacks, compliance with the appropriate legal requirements, logo usage, corrective and preventive measures or pollution prevention measures," adds Zdeněk Hůla, manager of the Department of Integrated Systems and the Paramo internal audit.

In the selected Paramo operation centers, the auditors located sufficient volume of proofs on the management compliance and functionality. They did not identify any serious or less serious discrepancies. "The auditors stated that, from the perspective of quality and customer expectations, the oil production is fully under control. The management of the related environmental and safety risks has been gradually improving in compliance with the owner expectations," says Zdeněk Hůla, reminding us the conclusions of the auditors. Furthermore, he mentions other facts: "The company pays appropriate attention to the process of improving efficiency and to cost savings. Since the last audit, the company has improved its compliance with the OHS principles and prevention measures."

The auditors also appreciated investments to the oil mixing plant in Kolín and to the selective refinery plant in Pardubice. They also valued the fact that the company restructuring program does not have a negative impact on the system performance in the area of OHS. Moreover, they confirmed that the support of the energy management within the frame of the integrated system brings not only savings of the production cost, but also an improvement of the environmental performance.

The supervisory certification audit demonstrated that the company has a well functioning and efficient integrated management system (IMS). In compliance with the results of their investigations, the LRQA auditors therefore confirmed validity of certificates ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 for the next period.

PARAMO, a.s., is a producer of asphalt products, lubricating and process oils, incl. subsequent and ancillary products. History of the company started in 1889. Today, Paramo is part of Unipetrol, a leading Czech group doing business in the field of petroleum processing and petrochemical production, which in turn belongs to the family of the supranational group PKN Orlen. Paramo is a 100% owner of Mogul Slovakia, a limited liability company which is engaged in the purchase and sale of oils and lubricants. The company employs 497 people.

Jana Iovlevová
PARAMO, a. s.
Mobile phone: 736 507 439

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