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Paramo on foreign markets


Final lubricating oils and plastic lubricants are exported by Pardubice refinery to more than 20 countries.

Pardubice, 19th January 2012 – Automobile and hydraulic oils from MOGUL and PARAMO are the main export articles. However, other groups of lubricants are also requested aboard.

Paramo sells their products mainly to individual European countries, especially to the Slovak Republic, Germany and Hungary. Last year they also launched exports of oils into Russia, Serbia and Sweden. Paramo currently negotiates further deals with other potential foreign oil and plastic lubricants customers, including Ukraine, the Baltic republics, Austria or France. Pardubice refinery is also in touch with business partners in several Asian and African countries.

PARAMO, a.s., a member of the UNIPETROL/PKN ORLEN Group, processes crude oil for refinery and asphalt products, and also for lubricating and process oils, incl. subsequent and ancillary products. The refinery purchases and processes oil hydrogen and hydrocrack products. Intermediate products are used in the production of basic oils and lubricating oils which contain very low levels of sulphur. The company employs 661 people.

Jana Iovlevová
Public Relations Officer
PARAMO, a. s.
Mobile phone: 736 507 439

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