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Paramo launched a new campaign called “Mogul. Good and heavy”


In the beginning of June Paramo Company launched a new campaign promoting the Mogul brand oils. Public will come across the new slogan "Mogul. Good and heavy" in radio broadcasting, print media or eye-catchers alongside roads. Promotions at auto-moto or tuning rallies are also planned. Apart from that the campaign is supplemented by a special website and a separate Facebook profile. The campaign strategy was prepared by Agency Wellen.

"Selected tools are designed primarily for younger target group of consumers. In the first phase of the campaign the fans will be able to name the brand's new mascot – 'The Oil protector of engines' and win fuel in the value of 15.000,00 CZK. This phase of the campaign, as well as others, will be supported by activities of the regional radio stations, on the internet and in print media," said Lubos Krejčík, Paramo's segment manager, and added: "As a follow up to the new communication campaign we are also considering rejuvenating the Mogul oils logos by approaching some graphics professionals and students of art schools to see to the creative aspect of the logos".

The main voice of the campaign in the role of the Oil protector of engines is the actor Alexej Piško, a popular voice actor of the well know American actor Bruce Willis. Mogul will also appear during summer on tuning and motorcycle rallies, roadshows at selected petrol stations and at other events, which will be highlighted by the brand new Facebook profile and website.

The microsite acts as a signpost for basic services and all types of drivers - from beginners to professionals. Apart from the useful information they will find a space allocated for relaxation with fun videos and jokes. In addition, there is a competition taking place on the website in which the participants can propose a name of the campaign's mascot, The Oil protector of engines, and win a fuel card worth 15,000 crowns. The competition runs until the end of June this year.

About Mogul
The Mogul brand has been known to motorists since 1927 and during that time it has become synonymous with quality motor oil. Among other products the motor oil products portfolio consists of the MOGUL EXTREME range that meet the highest performance demands for the whole season, and which are tested in rally races. MOGUL PROFESSIONAL range of oils significantly prolongs engine life and provides excellent starting even in very heavy frost conditions. The oil also contributes to the economical use of fuel and has excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures and against the formation of deposits. Tradition, quality, favorable price and availability are the factors that make the MOGUL brand the best choice on the market. In addition the MOGUL brand is manufactured completely in the Czech Republic, including its packaging and labels.

PARAMO, a.s. (Joint-stock Company), which belongs to Unipetrol Group from the end of 2000 is a producer of bitumen products, lubricants and process oils, including related and ancillary products. The company also purchases and processes oil hydrogenates and hydrocrackers from Unipetrol RPA Company. It uses the derived intermediate products in the production of base oils and lubricating oils featuring very low sulfur content. The company employs 530 people. More on

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