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Paramo innovates in its range of oils and greases


The company expands its product portfolio with new items

Pardubice, 12th February, 2013 – The company's researchers have successfully completed the development of a new cutting fluid - EOPS 3030 – containing synthetic esters and extreme-pressure additives for tough finishing operations and metalworking of high-alloy steels.

As an answer to increasingly more strict requirements in the field of environmental protec-tion and occupational health & safety, the researchers have developed PARAMO SYNT 300. This highly-efficient fluid, now entering the application testing phase, features in a minimum effect to the equipment operators.  An interesting novelty is also the separator for crystallizers in continuous casting of steel – SEPAR STEEL. In addition to this there is also a new low-viscosity separator (form oil) for demoulding of complex concrete castings - SEPAR LITE, which is re-markable for its good biodegradability.

No less important are the corrosion preventive oils newly placed on the market. KONKOR 330 is an excellent product for temporary corrosion-inhibiting applications to ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces likely to corrode, where the main protection mean is a layer of wax barrier. For mid- and long-term temporary corrosion prevention, particularly for ferrous alloys, there is a reliable solution by the use of KONKOR 350 creating a wax film.

The verification production test conducted for turbine oils with a new silicone antifoaming agent brought positive results. The newly developed PRESS 80B high-performance stamping oil with low foaming tendency has been successfully tested at the end-customer. Novelties filled the gap also in the range of cutting fluids, for instance the newly introduce PARAMO CUT OC UNI. Also, the range of improved hardening oils raised the interest of customers.

The innovations included also the range of lubricating greases extending, among other things, their corrosion-inhibiting properties. In the first place, this is the lubricating grease for motorbike sprocket chains meeting the requirements of a company exporting its prod-ucts worldwide, to the USA for the most part. The Paramo developers were also successful in modifying of biodegradable lubricating greases, namely MOGUL EKO OK a MOGUL EKO V. In spite the more strict requirements of environmental protection these lubricants have re-tained sufficient antioxidant properties.

PARAMO, a.s., is a producer of asphalt products, lubricating and process oils, incl. subsequent and ancillary products. Histo-ry of the company started in 1889. Today, Paramo is part of Unipetrol, a leading Czech group doing business in the field of petroleum processing and petrochemical production, which in turn belongs to the family of the supranational group PKN Orlen. Paramo is a 100% owner of Mogul Slovakia, a limited liability company which is engaged in the purchase and sale of oils and lubricants. The company employs 600 people.

Jana Iovlevová
PARAMO, a. s.
Mobile phone: 736 507 439​

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