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MOGUL motor oil is used by a third of Czech drivers


MOGUL is the number one on the domestic market for motor oils – this was confirmed by a survey performed by Factum Invenio.

Pardubice, 23.8.2011 – A third of drivers in this country use MOGUL, a traditional Czech brand of motor oil. This was demonstrated by a survey performed by Factum Invenio, which contacted 458 respondents in terms of the survey. The results confirm the privileged position of MOGUL as the number one on the domestic market. Motorists first came across the MOGUL brand in 1927 and since that time, it has become a synonym for quality motor oil.

"The Czechs are patriots who prefer domestic quality when it comes to motor oils. 70% of respondents confirmed actual experience with the MOGUL brand. If an authorised car service centre were to actively offer its customers MOGUL brand motor oil, 87% of motorists would not refuse the offer," says Luboš Krejčík, head of the Sales Support and Special Products Department in Paramo . When choosing a specific oil, motorists primarily make their decision on the basis of the technical parameters of the product and knowledge of the brand. "The price of the motor oil is then important for half of drivers," adds Luboš Krejčík from Paramo.

It was also evident from the results of the Paramo survey that 72% of drivers asked change the oil in their car at least once a year. A quarter of them change it every two years. The most frequent locations for purchasing motor oil are petrol stations followed by car service centres. When choosing a car service centre, the most important factor for the motorist is knowledge of the environment and previous experience with the service centre.

MOGUL brand motor oils meet the requirements of renowned manufacturers of machinery and equipment. The portfolio of products is, among other things, made up of the MOGUL EXTREME range of motor oils, which meet the highest demands for performance of oils during year-round operation. MOGUL PROFESSIONAL oils prolong the effectiveness of catalytic convertors for exhaust gases, including particle filters. They allow for superb startability even when there are very heavy frosts. Oil contributes towards economical use of fuel, has superb resistance to oxidation under high temperatures and helps to prevent deposits forming.

MOGUL MOTO premium oils are a brand new range of products, designed for owners of powerful motorcycles. MOGUL MOTO oils are produced on a synthetic basis and meet the highest-performing specifications in line with the internationally acknowledged API and JASO standards. They can be used for two-stroke and four-stroke motors and also for gearboxes. More information is available at

PARAMO, a.s., a member of the UNIPETROL/PKN ORLEN Group, processes crude oil for refinery and asphalt products, and also for lubricating and process oils, incl. subsequent and ancillary products. The refinery purchases and processes oil hydrogen and hydrocrack products. Intermediate products are used in the production of basic oils and lubricating oils which contain very low levels of sulphur. The company employs 661 people.

Jana Iovlevová
Public Relations Officer
PARAMO, a. s.
Mobile phone: 736 507 439

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