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Benefits of the Relationship of University Researchers, Industry and Motorsport Professionals


This year, the Montáže Brož Racing Team is competing in the European Superstock 600 Championship riding Kawasaki motorcycles using MOGUL branded oils. The team has closely monitored the impact of these oils from the domestic producer PARAMO on engine durability and they trust it.

Pardubice, 14 May 2013 – "Our decision to participate in this prestigious series of races, which take place as part of the Superbike World Championship on nine different European circuits, says a lot about our confidence in MOGUL oils. We are glad to be able to contribute to the ongoing research and development work being carried out as part of the TechnoLab project," said Peter Vavrouš, Marketing Manager of the Montáže Brož Racing Team.

TechnoLab is a broad-based research platform looking into the use and application of modern technologies to the transportation field. The Paramo company is involved in one of the currently ongoing research and development projects. Two other projects are underway with other private sector company participation. The University of Pardubice and its Jan Perner Transport Faculty, Department of Transport Means and Diagnostics and Department of Electrical and Electronical Engineering and Signaling in Transport are involved in all of these projects.

"We put together the project 'The Effect of Oils on Engine Wear under Extreme Load' in cooperation with Paramo, the [University of Pardubice] Department of Diagnostics and the Montáže Brož professional racing team. We created a methodology to be used for the testing and established the requirements and individual tasks for all participants in the project. In the testing, the oils undergo really extreme stress, related to maximized engine performance, temperature and vibrations. In addition to the extreme load placed on the racing engines, MOGUL oils will also be tested in use in trucks and scooters. The samples are then sent to the University of Pardubice's laboratories where they are analyzed. The test results are then forwarded to the lubricant manufacturer for its own product development use. I believe this data will make a significant contribution to the ongoing development of MOGUL branded oils," explained Petr Vavrouš.

For students and research institutes, it is generally quite difficult to get access to the kind of diagnostic data which will be available under this TechnoLab project. Here it is just the opposite. As Peter Vavrouš points out, "The creation of this long-term testing process will provide the University of Pardubice with lots of interesting data for their analytical work, which will also have real world industrial applications. The information from this project will be an adjunct to the ongoing research and development work of the manufacturer."

The TechnoLab project team, in collaboration with the Montáže Brož Racing Team, is conducting their real world testing using three Kawasaki racing motorcycles. There is also a broken-down engine with full diagnostics available. Comparison tests are also carried out on two identical machines with standard engines on which extreme wear tests would not be possible under normal (real) operating conditions.

"Altogether for this year, there will be about 10 three-day testing events scheduled. They will be used to chart engine wear during the use of the machines over the racing season. This type of cooperation between university researchers, industry scientists and motorsport racing professionals will benefit all participants. We expect the oil company will gain data relevant to their R&D and marketing efforts and the participants from the University of Pardubice will be involved in an interesting scientific study – and, bottom line for motorsports, it opens the door to technological improvements," concluded Peter Vavrouš, Marketing Manager Montáže Brož Racing Team.

PARAMO, a.s. is the producer of a wide range of bitumen-based products, lubricants and process oils, including related and ancillary products. The history of the company dates back to 1889. Paramo is a member of the Unipetrol Group of companies, a leading Czech business involved in oil refining and petrochemical production. It is also part of the multi-national PKN Orlen Group of companies. Paramo is the sole owner of the limited liability company Mogul Slovakia, which is engaged in the purchase and sale of oils and lubricants. The company currently employs 497 people.

Contact information:
Jana Iovlevová
PARAMO, a. s.
Mobile: 736 507 439

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