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Thanks to its own development program and laboratories, PARAMO, a.s. can offer a wide range of services in the area of lubrication analyses and oil and liquid production in accordance with given customer requirements. The company does not depend on external suppliers of such services as opposed to a majority of its competitors and lubricant dealers.
We offer our business partners assistance with determining problems related to the lubrication of machines and machine parts and willingness and ability to propose necessary solutions.
By integrating our high-quality sales personnel, contractual partners and the above stated facts, an organic unit is created, which goes far beyond the normally provided services.
Lubricants or other liquids represent an excellent tool for nondestructive diagnostics of machines and instruments. By selecting the correct analysis, we are able prevent production or financial losses caused by delays or by complete production shutdowns. Regular inspections represent a basis for preventing defects and for reducing your maintenance cost.
Received lubricant samples are subjected to appropriate tests in the laboratories. The business partner is immediately informed about the overall analysis results by the means of a protocol, assessed by a tribodiagnostic technician, which includes the necessary recommendations and assessments.
We analyze all lubricant types, including machining liquids, cutting oils, conservation products or quenching oils. We of course also diagnose motor, transmission, hydraulic and turbine oils. We focus on long-term lifespan trending of oils in gas engines of cogeneration units.
Our company offers chemically gentle cleaning of machining technology circulation systems, including draining of used machining liquids and organizing their liquidation. A part of this professionally provided service is formed by cleaning and disinfecting the machining area, splinter conveyors, splinter separators and catchment reservoir. Filling the circulation systems with a new machining liquid is a matter of course. A clean, microorganism-free circulation system forms one of the necessary conditions of a reliable and long-term operation of the new machining liquid.
We also offer our customers professional training related to the entire portfolio of the lubricants and liquids supplied by our company. Our certified tribodiagnostic technicians with many years of experience can organize the training directly at your facilities or at the building where our company has its registered seat.
PARAMO, a.s. team of specialists



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