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Dakar notes III: Ondra Klymciw and Martin Macik closing to the top ten


​As the Dakar Rally is coming to an end, the Czech drivers and riders started gathering their engine momentum. Ondřej Klymciw and Martin Macik are closing to the top ten of the overall standings. Thursday’s stage helped both of them greatly as Klymciw finished ninth and Macik even eight.
Ondrej Klymciw proved that there isn’t currently a more talented biker in this country to participate in such a difficult rally. On Thursday’s stage the rider sponsored by Mogul was long holding on to the elite trio scoring even the best time at one of the lap times. Nonetheless, he started losing a bit after that and finished ninth which is still the best ever result of this thirty-one-year-old rider who is also attacking his best overall standing in the Dakar Rally. Barth Racing rider David Pabiska is holding on to the fortieth position thus also climbing up the standing.
Martin Macik can be quite satisfied too climbing up the truck ranking after the initial health problems. He finished the Thursday’s stage eight with his truck the engine of which is also lubricated by Mogul. He is now eleventh overall right behind Ales Loprais. Even this still very young rider is heading for a historic achievement.


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