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Competitors with Mogul in the engine completed the Dakar rally with their best-ever results


​Done. For fourteen crazy days, the eyes of rally lovers were fixed on the South American continent which hosted the world’s toughest and most famous competition of its kind.  Now they can finally celebrate their heroes’ achievements. This year, drivers and racers supported by Paramo are among those who have quite significantly exceeded their previous records. And these are Ondrej Klymciv and Martin Macik.
Although neither of them had a particularly easy start. Martin Macik had been suffering fever already before the start and infected even a part of his Liaz truck. The young racer proved that despite his young age he already has lots of experience with Dakar and he was gradually climbing up the Dakar rankings having finished the last four stages always in the elite top ten.  „Our precise preparation we put into the truck as well as into ourselves showed its results. We didn’t notice any serious failures or medical problems. Everything ran smoothly,” said in his press release Martin Macik who was attacking even the stage podiums. The fourth place remained his maximum in the end. With the overall tenth place, the son of the same name rider who had attended this rally in its original African route years ago improved his last year’s position.
Ondrej Klymciw can be quite satisfied too. The best Czech biker decided to trust Mogul too. This move paid off. He too was climbing the ranking for the entire rally having the elite ten at some points literally at his fingertips. He even concluded one stage first. Finishing at twelfth overall he improved his two year old twentieth place from his premiere participation in Dakar. „I tried to give it my all but unfortunately it did not work for the top ten. Everyone here is rejoicing, I cried a bit for the tenth place behind the van,” Ondrej Klymciw admitted on social networks. He was only four minutes away from the elite top ten.
Like in previous years, one of the teams that put their trust into Mogul was Barth Racing Team which sent two motorbikes and two quads in South America. No less than three of the four riders then completed the demanding race reaching the podium in Buenos Aires. The Dakar matador David Pabiska rode to the final ramp for the tenth time placing 36th overall. Rudolf Lhotsky fulfilled his dream as he dragged his second Dakar participation to a successful conclusion at the 82nd place. The quad rally newcomer Zdenek Tuma finished at fourteenth rang overall while fighting even for the top ten. The five-time Dakar winner, Jiri Machacek unfortunately had to withdraw from the current sixth place on the fourth stage because of an accident. 
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