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Dakar notes I: Macháček finished, Klymčiw climbing rankings


World’s toughest rally continued its 521 km long fourth stage yesterday from San Salvador de Jujuy to Tupiza. The competitors now concluded about one third of the expected track and some already know they won’t make it to the finish line. Unfortunately, one of them is Josef Macháček for whom this was perhaps the last Dakar race in his career. 
A five-time winner of the quad category Josef Macháček of Barth Racing Team had to give up the current sixth place of the overall ranking due to dislocated arm and injured leg. After the accident a helicopter transported him to the hospital, however, according to Barth Racing Team the 59yo rider should be alright. The colors of the team as well as Mogul brand will be therefore in the race defended solely by Zdeněk Tůma in the current nineteenth place.
By contrast, Ondřej Klymčiwov was doing well. He finished the stage in the 21st position moving up into 14th in the overall standings. David Pabiška of Barth Racing is currently riding in the 50th and his colleague Rudolf Lhotský in 102nd position.
Since the very beginning of the Dakar Rally, the truck category rider Martin Macík of Big Shock Team has been plagued by fever and flu which is now gradually spreading on the other team members. Yet the trio Macík, Mrkva and Tomášek is still ranking in 19th place losing roughly 2h45m off the overall lead.
Today the next stage will take the drivers and riders 692 km from Tupiza to Oruro.
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